Manager of Marketing and Communications with a “Can-Do” attitude! (based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Amongst my primary responsibilities within these important and multi-faceted roles, includes developing the digital media presence, business portfolio and company relations. 

Making the best use of my creative capabilities, I specialize in enhancing the corporate image and branding of the company, designing and producing publications such as graphics, videos magazines, brochures and other official documentation, in tandem with improving the digital presence of the company online via website and social networks. Furthermore, highly skilled in operational matters and international networking especially in the insurance industry (medical, travel health/business travel and air medical services).

One of my key strengths is an ability to think outside the box, finding the right solutions for what can often be extremely difficult especially in stressful situations, clearly understanding the needs and reacting effectively to dynamic circumstances. This is underpinned by my exceptional communicative and coordination skills, global outlook and natural spirit for cohesive teamwork, accompanied by the drive and initiative to lead by example.

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Keywords: insurance, medical assistance, travel health insurance, air ambulance, repatriation, digital marketing, business development, brand management, brand indentity, corporate image, social media, creative visual design, ITIC Global, IMTJ

Other Skills & Know How

  • Focused in EMEA, MENA & APAC Countries

  • Creative solutions for Marketing & Brand Management

  • Specialized in the Aviation, Insurance and Assistance industries

  • Case / Flight Management Portal Implementation (design, user friendly input & connection strings)

  • Creative Design and Marketing Strategy

  • Global outlook and network

Buhara Demir

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